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who we are  Photo © Maribel Arce

Artist's Statement

My choreographic aesthetic is to create expression through the interplay of various elements: physicality, repetition, internal rhythms, focus, stillness, speed, silence, intention of movement, and beauty. I am continually examining the gestural relationships between musical and dance physicality. What kind of images are evoked by hearing music, and what type of rhythms are produced internally by viewing dance? These are questions that I examine through the creation of solos, duets, trios, and quartets. In my work, the dancers both follow and reject, imitate and ignore the rhythm, texture, and form of the music.

I believe in choreography built on honesty, and dancing beyond the limits of one's physicality. Beauty can be achieved by creating a deeply charged energy on stage. If someone is moving at a pace so fast that she creates a force on stage, and suddenly finds herself in stillness -- that is beauty. Beauty is the human form reacting, breathing, feeling, and thinking. Physicality is beautiful. Being honest as a performer is beautiful. Dance is based in the human form which, when in motion, has the potential to be exquisite. Through abstract movement and sound, I attempt to extract emotion from pure physicality.