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Photo © Renee Bevan 2014

What's Next

Triskelion Arts Presents
Jessica Gaynor Dance
November 14-16 at 8pm
(Special family matinee performance on Saturday November 15th at 3pm)
Ticktes $15
106 Calyer Street, Brooklyn NY 11222

The most prominent characteristic of Gaynorís work is an intense physicality: straight lines, flying leaps, powerful unisons, and lots and lots of running.. I am impressed not only with the tightly knit and well-rehearsed unisons, but also with each dancerís unique interpretation of Gaynor's movement.. Hero is a well-constructed dance filled with virtuosity and visual pleasure.
-The Dance Enthusiast

"Hero.. was a revelation of how the situations created for the piece were risk-laden and thus heroic.
-DIY Dancer