WORKSHOP with Jessica Gaynor
In the frame of WinterTanz 2022/23

We will begin by exploring what drives us, inspires us and demands our attention. We will then work toward translating these ideas into movement through various improvisational approaches and techniques, working both on our own and collectively. From these explorations, we will move seamlessly into choreographing dances and making choices about time, space, energy, focus, and our relationships to others. The group will discuss what we see and how it affects us. This workshop will be a laboratory to develop new choreographic skills, create work both independently and collaboratively, build tools for a richer choreographic process and share work within a supportive community. During the process, participants will generate movement vocabulary specific to their ideas, create phrases, explore variations, repetition, patterns, pathways and partnerships, while focusing on their own choreographic voices.

PRICE: 230€/200€* (*EARLY BIRD UNTIL 02.12.2022)

27.12 - 30.12.2022 (Tuesday - Friday), 15:00–19:00

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