Jessica Gaynor and Quentin Tolimieri in residence at LAKE Studios Berlin, August 20-September 29, 2018

Jessica Gaynor and Quentin Tolimieri collaborate on freely improvised music and dance. At LAKE Studios, we intend to explore the possibilities of integrating music and dance in a freely improvised context. We believe that functioning outside the typical restraints of precomposed forms, movements, and sounds allows for each actor in a performance to achieve a more intense, distilled individuality with regard to the uniqueness of their own personal movement language or relationship to musical instrument. Furthermore, we are interested in exploring the new kinds of formal structures and developments that become accessible when engaging in an improvised practice, when the various metaphors that are inescapably linked to composed forms are dispensed with in favor of something more unconceptualizable, subconscious and elemental. Finally, we are interested in the sheer excitement, tension, danger and joy of improvised performance.